Direct sale between
Vendor and Buyer

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Find a horse! But as a future owner, where to look for?

La Manche is considered as “The Horse Cradle”. Figures talk for themselves: about 2500 births every year only for la Manche.

Today, in Normandie,the historic land for horses, it is still difficult to get access to the wide range of choice available, even with a fair knowledge of the background, because breeders and sellers are not visible.

Make the horses visible to buyers and allow sellers to manage the sales themselves.

Directly from sellers to buyers without middleman.

That’s our job!
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Élodie Viel, rider and breeder; her favorite field: commerce for 25 years!
Guillaume Le Goupil, instructor and breeder since 35 years unite their skills to help you.

Direct sale between Vendor and BuyerFind your new ride

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